Tuesday, 30 July 2013

We all begin the same but what we do in our lives will set us apart!

Raise your hand if you have looked around at others around you and wished that you had accomplished what they have. Come on be honest, no judgement. I know I sure have, yes it gets me down but then I have to keep remembering who I am and how I got to where I am today.

We are our own worst critique, We are the first to put ourselves down or make ourselves be discouraged. We look around and see the success of others or see what others have and we just want that for ourselves. If we feel we don't have it we become discouraged, we feel like failures, we want to give up. STOP IT now! You are forgetting ONE thing...


I am not meaning that we all had the same chances in life or the same up bringing but I mean we all were conceived and carried for 9 months with fantastic 'womb service' and you know the rest. But it is what we have chosen to do with our lives and those opportunities that have present themselves to us that determines our future.

I know I will sound like a broken record of cliche's but they really do ring a true meaning. "The sky's the limit" or "Reach for the stars" or one that I love is "If you are going to dream, dream big".

You should do things in life that make YOU happy, forget what everyone around you will think. YOU want to do something, do it YOUR way.

You know when I started MWL I was horribly discouraged by most of the people around me, most told me I would fail within 2 months, but one person told me that no one would ever buy or support my work because it was nicely put crap (was another word used but you get the idea).

How did you think this made me feel? I felt like an idiot, a fool, I became embarrased and down about my work, I was made to feel like following my dreams was such a stupid idea. My husband was actually fantastic about it all! He was one of the very few people supporting my idea. He said to me "Talya, Don't listen to these people, they are just jealous that you have the guts to follow your dreams, give it a go and prove them wrong".

So I did. I gave it my all and worked tirelessly on perfecting designs, learning new techniques, but mostly I wanted to prove to them that I can and am doing what I love. Each new creation or milestone in my business and journey I think just how much I am proving those doubters wrong!

When my dad passed away he wrote a letter to me which said "Don't be discouraged by others who don't believe or understand your dream or vision. I am proud of what you have acheived".

Looking back at where I started with MWL I am now so embarrased and ashamed of my designs and the quality of them. At the time I was so proud (and can understand why people felt the need to tell me my stuff was nicely put 'crap') but it only goes to show that through determination and learning new things I can now proudly see where how far I have come.

So if you are creating something and you feel discouraged and want to give up, DON'T! Keep going, persevere and just never give up.

If you don't believe me here is a comparison of my work beginning of 2011, middle of 2012, middle 2013..

Here is a quote I read last night that really made me think:
"In your final days are you going to hug those college degrees? Are you going to ask to be carried to your garage to sit with your car? Will you find comfort in re reading your financial statement? Of course not..." 
-Max Ludaco.
But you might have already heard or read before about the famous failures- those by celebrities and what they have done. If not here it is.
Image courtesy of google.

So next time you feel you are a failure or someone tells you that you are, don't get discouraged and just keep on trying!

I hope this was a bit of motivation for you today! x

Monday, 15 July 2013

It's that time of year!! C4AC time of year!!

We are fast approaching one of my most anticipated and loved parts of the year and of the handmade community which is Collaborate for a cause or C4AC known in short.

It is the bringing together of the handmade world, business both big and small, all working together and creating together with one ultimate goal in mind- raising money for charities!

I am so lucky this year to have been apart of 6-yes 6- collaborations and have been so lucky to work alongside of some amazing and loving handmaidens.

Here are the collaborations and businesses I have teamed up with this year and you will be blown away by the gorgeousness and talent found in this years auctions.

Collaboration 1 raising money for CanTeen- The ultimate sleepover collaboration!
Charity: CanTeen
I chose CanTeen as they have been amazing in the support they have offered myself and my family as members after the loss of my dad, Rick to cancer last year. They have amazing support programs and camps that help young Australians living with cancer whether it be through themselves as a patient, a sibling or a parent. For my family we have lost a sister Bridget and my dad to cancer and my two sisters (two are the models for our collaboration) and myself have a inherited cancer like my dad and sister. So I know firsthand how important and amazing the work CanTeen does, and as I am only 22 I am able and lucky enough to be a member and get this support.

3 large A frame tents by Chook Shed Designs
6 Patchwork Quilts by Pookie Patch
6 Large Applique Cushions by Ma&Me
6 Writing Sets by Lolli Poppits
6 Kimono Slippers by Sewaholic Creations
6 Bamboo Nighties by Daisy Chain Days
6 Sleeping Masks by Little Cloud Factory
6 Drawstring Bags and 1 Bunting by Kyah Lilli
6 Hair Clips by Mwah Hair Accessories
5 Handmade Sleepover Invitations by Made with love-cards and crafts
Photography has been kindly donated by Focus Photography
To view the full item description and to bid on the item please click here!
To view the entire album including close ups and full pictures please browse them here.

Collaboration 2 raising money for The Smith Family is the 'Tiffany Tea Party'
This gorgeous collaboration features:
Gorgeous tutu by Poppy & Rose
Stunning Tiffany Doll by Lesley Jane Dolls
Amazing Tiffany teaset by Chook Shed Designs
Divine Tiffany and gold canopy by Enchant Me
Beautiful set of top and pants by My Shabby Chic Boutique
Stunning cushion by  OnePear
 Beautiful quilt byA Twist of Lime
Sparkly Tea Party invitations by Made With Love Cards And Crafts
To view the full item description and to bid please click here!
To view the entire album including closeups of items you can browse them here.

Collaboration 3 is raising funds for Sids and Kids and is a Little Red Riding Hood theme
Invitations and party supplies by Made with love cards and crafts
Hair accessories by Hair Princess
Dress by Fuschia Moo
Cape by PeaPod Boutique
To view the full description or to bid on this item please click here!

Collaboration 4 is raising funds for Angels for the Forgotten and is a 1st birthday set for a girl
Dress by Angelic Designs
Sandalets, brooch, headband, clips Mullins Designs
1st birthday guest book Made with love cards and crafts
Party supplies- bunting, cupcake wrappers and cupcake toppers Little Goldfish
To view the full description or to bid on this item please click here!

Collaboration 5 is raising funds for Liberty of Motor Neuron Disease and is a boys nursery theme-rocket and chevron
Double Sided cot quilt by Elliette Oliver
Cot linen by Elliote Oliver
Cot mobile by Lullaby Mobiles & Designs
Nappy Stack and bunting by Sewn 2 bits
Pram Blanket by Beaus & Sparrows
Outfit by Dilly Bubs
Birth Print by Love A Rhino
Door Hanger by Hope Packages
Handmade Baby Book/Journal by Made with love cards and crafts
To view the full item description or to bid please click here!

Collaboration 6 is raising funds for HeartFelt and is an ultimate pack for her
Bracelet by Whispering Hearts personalised stamped jewellery
Framed Print by Smudge Design
Ladies Headband by Jasper Lane
Bouqet paper flowers Iridescent Angel Creations
Rhinestone tie back by Ami-Kay Boutique
Crochet throw by Six Little Mice
Ladies bag by Kyah Lilli
Handmade Diary by Made with love cards and crafts
To view the full item description and to bid please click here!

It is always nice to catch up!

Hey there my lovely Made With Love followers *waves*! How are we all? I realised it has been over a month since I have stopped by to catch up with you all. I haven't forgotten you all, things have been a little crazy here as I caught up on orders after having the month off for my surgery so I really wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone for the support and patience over the last couple of months. Truly means a lot and I am so blessed to have you support me during what has been a truly difficult time!

I am so happy to say that I have now caught up on all orders and can now plan and create some new lines including the Santa Keys as the countdown to Christmas is on. If you are wondering what I am talking about or what Santa Keys are I will add a picture below for you to see.
Santa Key~ Last years design comes packaged in a sturdy box for safe keeping and storage.

Some very exciting things happening here at MWL HQ this Friday I am heading north to Brisbane for a couple of days to go and see the amazing Pink in concert!! I have been madly listening to her latest CD on repeat. If you were to look through the window to my living room at 2 am you will see me dancing and singing away. Good thing my husband is a heavy sleeper! If you don't know who Pink is I swear you should get out from under your rock and go and get her CD's or download through iTunes. I have every single one of her CD's and know every song off by heart- can you tell I am a massive fan?

Being able to go to the concert this week will be a massive acheivment in terms of my recovery. I had purchased the tickets a year ago and then when I found out I needed the surgery and was sick I was so upset I wouldn't be well enough to go to the concert. But I am going and personally it is a massive step forward in my recovery and proves how far I have come. So having a kind-of-proud-of-myself moment. So excited!!

Next week also marks the amazing collaborate for a cause auction to be commenced on Friday 26th July, 2013. Don't know what collaborate for a cause is or C4AC in short? It is THE LARGEST handmade charity auction in Australia!! Did you know that over 400 handmade businesses have come together to create teams or collaborations with each team/collab chooses to donate all the proceeds from that sale to a charity of their choice. To find out more about the 6 collaborations I was involved with check out my next post. To view the amazing submissions or to bid (after it has commenced of course) follow this link.
Collaborate for a cause

If you are wanting to win a set of customised birthday party stationary/supplies we are apart of two fantastic giveaways. The first is as a feature business through Handmade Kids and the Second is apart of a massive giveaway through The Handmade Library where we are apart of the boy's giveaway! But you definitely should enter both!!
Example of some custom themes to be created for you if you won, over 100's to choose from!

Something else exciting is happening next week here at MWL HQ, I am celebrating my 3rd wedding anniversary and have had a very special gift organised. I contacted Greta at  Colour & Spice and asked her to turn the wedding verses and vows said at our wedding (and that I wrote) into some nice prints for me to frame and gift to Russell. I know he will love them!
My husband Russell and I on our wedding day July 24th 2010!

Our gorgeous prints done by Greta at Colour & Spice!

I love thanking those who support me and Made with love cards and crafts. If you order a set of handmade invitations for your child's next birthday you will receive your choice of either a set of cupcake toppers OR a deluxe handmade card! And if you have purchased with MWL before you will receive a 10% discount on your next order. My way of thanking you for the support.

Lots happening here and if you would love to place a custom order you can do so via my facebook page, email, or through my website under 'get a quote'.

P.S for the first 5 people who mention 'catch up' with their invitation order will receive a FREE handmade bunting/birthday banner!

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