Thursday, 26 September 2013

September the month that was!

Oh September, you sure did show me that there was the good, the bad and the ugly to the start of spring.

What a month it has been! Certainly trying on many levels....


I haven't given up yet!!

Maybe I should start with the ugly and work my way to the good.. Trust me there is some really exciting news!

Well September saw me in hospital for acute pancreatitis and was discharged after a week as they couldn't find the cause- they think it could be due to a subsequent illness from the rare inherited gene, the same one that was the reason for my bowel removal. So have to take it easy and monitor it.

*Laughs to self* Take it easy? Not only are those words not in my vocabulary now is not the month to be taking it easy!

Being sick saw me behind in orders, which I was frantically trying to catch up and ended back in hospital. Only for 24 hours this time. But frustrating all the same, still tire easily.

THEN while trying to catch up on the 300 PLUS items needing to be sent out oh low behold my cutting machine broke and needs to be sent back for repairs.

WHY once trusty side-kick... Why?

I ordered $300 worth of promotional materials only to have them arrive askew, cut off and upside down. But I don't have time to have a new order sent out as my deadline needs these in Adelaide by the 1st of Oct for sample goodie bags!

So I think that was all the ugly and bad stuff I am allowed to share (trust me there is more)..

So are we ready to hear the awesome stuff?? The news that has me quite excited??

Well, not in any particular order of the rate of excitement but I really hope you are excited for me too!

I was so lucky enough to receive a 3 day pass to this exciting and upcoming conference called 'Mumpreneurs on Fire' it is in Adelaide in Oct 23-25th! I am so excited and call tell others are too as there is only 14 tickets left.. that's right only 14 tickets! I have the privilege of creating the 80 thank you cards to be given to attendee's. Have created these to match the conference branding, colours and values. Sneak peak below.

So I have been busy planning my holiday and I haven't felt this excited in ages!! Also need to thank my supportive husband for allowing me to go from Coffs Harbour to Adelaide.

I have never been to Adelaide but have always wanted to go, and after the year I have had especially with having my bowel removed and recovering, I am excited to be able to do something for me!

I am so excited to be meeting a really close friend for the first time in person. We met through our handmade businesses and have chatted everyday for the last 18 months. She kindly has offered for me to stay there when I am not at the hotel for the 3 days of the conference. I cannot wait!!

I have booked my hotel which is only 1 min from the conference (I am not a morning person would be an understatement) so it was convenient for me!

I have also booked the train, Indian Pacific heading from Sydney to Adelaide. I have heard it is an experience and it already seems to be. I got my own cabin to myself and all these other perks! If only there would be wi-fi or mobile service along the way!

Speaking of internet we have had the NBN co come and install our new NBN service this month and just waiting for them to turn up and flick the switch now. I am looking forward the most to having faster internet, mainly to have my husband stop his 'lag rage' when playing his online games.. yes Lag rage is a real thing as most of you would realise if you have teenagers that game!

I have a friend who is making me the most gorgeous plus sized clothing to wear at the conference. I received one of the gorgeous dresses today and am picking out more options to wear to the conference. She also has a handmade business so stay tuned for the reveal!! Massive thanks to Meilling from Sewaholic Creations.

But wait there is more!!

Made With Love-Cards And Crafts is now officially trademarked pending!! YAY!! Massive thanks to Jaqui from Mark My Words Trademarks for her amazing help!

I also had the first ever mini magazine/catologue printed called 'Made with love cards and crafts: It's all in the detail' which is a glossy 12 page booklet introducing you to the brand, the designer, the products you love and special offers. These look absoloutley amazing. You can read the online version here. Massive thanks to Indy Visual for designing these!

The booklets and marketing materials will be packaged up to be sent to Adelaide to go in the conference bags! You should see my packaging so far it looks absoloutley divine and all branded in MWL colours and of course handmade. Will show you a teaser below. Each different colour is a different piece of cardstock too! All hand punched!

In case you hadn't heard we were featured in Babyology who did the most amazing feature article, and an absoloute surprise, especially while I was in hospital! Also keep an eye out for MWL in the upcoming xmas buying guides!

Speaking of upcoming issues we were asked by Tickle the imagination to create an Australiana themed Santa Key in yellow and grey! Cannot wait to see the issue! Below is a sneak peak of the Santa Key sent.

Seems everyone is loving the Santa Key this year, with a lot of upcoming media attention and also have been nominated for the 2013 Australian Craft awards for the Santa Key design. If you love the design too would love your rating! You can rate the Santa Key here!

I feel like I am forgetting to tell you some more exciting news, I swear there is more!

So leaving September on a positive note this week we see the return of many favourite tv shows Oh how I have missed Grey's, Hubby is excited for the new Marvel tv show (if you haven't worked it out yet he is a big nerd).

But if you haven't heard of BellaBox Australia before you do now! I signed up for $15 a month you get a box delivered each month filled with the latest and greatest beauty products and a magazine. This month I received so many items with some products worth retail of $15 or more!! I think it is a fantastic way to sample the latest products available without leaving the comfort of your own home. You can find out more about BellaBox here!

Currently I have had to close custom invitation orders until further notice as I have such a backlog of current orders and need to focus on the xmas range. Please also note from the 16th-30th of October I will be away in Adelaide and unable to do orders until I return. I will be on holidays. Please note that this does not affect current orders.

That is all for now

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