Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Do you really NEED to attend that conference?

So you stumbled across this advertisement mentioning that there was this AMAZING conference coming up that would significantly benefit you as an Entrepreneur. Do you:
a) Sign yourself straight up no matter what the cost?
b) Put it in the 'maybe' pile as you don't know if you NEED to go?
c) Freak out at the thought of strangers being around you and the introvert in you wants to stay home in your comfort zone?

Well I am usually the person screaming out 'C!' and as scary as it was I am really glad I went.

Here is WHY it was so great for me to go to a conference that was 2000KM away. Yes, you read that correctly. If you asked if I am crazy for doing so, most of me on the way there would have agreed with you.

I had first heard about the conference 'Mumpreneurs on fire' around June last year and although I am not a mum I signed up for the newsletter and they had a competition going to win a 3 day pass to the event. The conference wasn't only just for mums and not being a mum myself wasn't made to feel excluded or that I didn't deserve to be there. Was a really welcoming atmosphere!

I genuinly wanted to know more about the conference and after seeing the line up of speakers attending and what their topics were I knew it would be so beneficial to my business to attend.

Besides, I had always wanted to go to Adelaide and after the year I had so far I really wanted a holiday and knew I deserved it.

And boy was it well deserved!

I believe things happen for a reason and if it is meant to be it is meant to be.

Call me superstitious or whatever but I do believe it!

So August came around and this email landed in my inbox, which I had to read twice!

I had won the pass to the conference.

I remember where I was when I got the email I was staying at my Aunts for a few days helping her and my Nan organise my pops funeral.

It really was such a positive thing and I never win anything especially an opportunity like this!

So I knew I had to talk to my husband and discuss if we could afford for me to make the trip and after talking things over with my Aunt and Step Mum along with my ever supportive Hubby they told me I deserved the trip and that I would 'Kick yourself if you don't go' which I know I would.

My holiday to Adelaide, the 2000 KM journey there, the conference and the friends I met will be memories and moments I will remember for quite some time!

The most beneficial thing of being in a conference with only 80 like-minded business women was the networking created.

I have since spoken with those I met at the conference and have created such a strong network of support it is just so motivating and inspiring to know that you are not alone!

So do I think you NEED to attend that conference coming up?

Without a doubt YES you NEED to go!

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