Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Wrapping up 2014

Hi everyone,
How is your holiday planning going? Many presents being beautifully wrapped and placed under the tree? I know I have started although eagerly awaiting the arrival of majority of mine.

Literally wrapped up! Love the MWL gift wrap!
I wanted to let you all know some exciting things heading into 2014 but wanted to wrap up the year that has been 2013.

Firstly and most importantly I wanted to thank all my amazing customers for their support this past year.
This year has been hard for me for many reasons but mainly due to my health. It has really made all the difference having supportive and understanding customers and patient too. Being sick was out of my control but your support while I had my bowel removed and was recovering was something I will never forget. Those who sent messages and emails of support really helped on days that felt dark.
I also want to thank you for your patience while I have been sick with unexpected pancreatitis since September, which I am hopeful that it will be eliminated  for good after surgery in January.

If you tell a teenager you forbid them to see that boy they are hot for, they don't listen do they and by telling them you forbid something only makes them want it more?

Well that is what I did this year, except I am no longer a teen and already have the boy lol. I was told to take it easy to just relax, which my step mum actually commented this past week that it would be a miracle if I relaxed. I am someone who likes to stay busy and focused. I have a plan and I need to stick to it.

Well being told to relax and take it easy only made me more determined to work harder and to push boundaries I only ever imagined of accomplishing!

I am so proud of things that I have achieved this year both personally and in made with love.

Made With Love reached over 14,000 likers! I remember thinking I would never get passed 100! I appreciate every single one of your comments and likes on posts. Love having your support!

Snapshot of my website although it looks much more amazing in person check it out for yourself!
I finally got a website which is absoloutley amazing! A massive thank you to my incredible web designer Wendy who has been so supportive and always helping to update my website for me and is so efficient as well. If you want an amazing website that looks just as amazing on your phone or ipad oh and is affordable too, contact SiteFresh Web Design! They have a xmas special on at the moment too!
In the media page- well a snapshot of it!
This year also saw made with love in the media! For some of the media can be found on my website.

I was also asked to guest blog post for The Handmade Business Mentor and asked to be a regular craft/DIY contributor for Mouth of Mums.

August this year saw a special program released called 'Mums who LOVE Made With Love' which 24 mums were selected from applicants to be apart of a unique Made With Love experience where each mum would receive a full birthday stationary pack in exchange for a review. I have created so many different themes since August such as Minions and trains, Madhatter tea party, bubble party, playschool party, vintage carousels, Lego Ninjago, TMNT, and giggle and hoot inspired designs with some exciting themes coming up!

Some of my 2014 designs! Hundreds more created! No theme is too big or too small!
So far to date I have created a whopping 4000 handmade invitations! All made by me and made by hand!

I have started accepting orders for 2014 birthdays and already have bookings up until November- no that isn't a typo! With layby/payment arrangements available to make things more affordable and easier all that is required is a $20 deposit. To order or enquire you can do so via my website order form here.

I do offer loyalty rewards for all invitation orders such as:
* 10% off repeat invitation orders
* FREE gift with invitation orders either set of cupcake toppers or a deluxe handmade card
* FREE express post on orders over $100

Next year I am working on a monthly subscription where you will receive a DIY kit and tutorial to create a project. I am looking into sending out kits and tutorials each month.

I am also wanting to send out a monthly newsletter which will have info on the latest product/product of the month, a DIY project and also will have info on any competitions where you can win Made With Love that month. Will also include any special offers or be the first to see product releases.

I have about 5 orders to post out before Xmas and I am done for the year and will be taking a couple of weeks rested break as I have been working really hard to make sure all orders are out in time for Xmas! So if you have any questions you can always contact me through my website, email or facebook page and I will be available to answer any questions.

Thank you so much for all your Santa Key purchases and support! $1 from every Santa Key sale gets donated directly towards the Kmart wishing tree appeal helping less fortunate Australians enjoy some Xmas cheer. I will be heading out and purchasing $150 worth of gifts to be placed under the tree! Thank you!

If you are looking for some Xmas crafty fun I have created the 12 days of a DIY Xmas with some fun activities the kids will enjoy! You can find these here.

In February we will be turning 3! Have some great celebration ideas in play and hope that you will be as excited as I am!

Thank you so much again for all your support this past year and look forward to an even bigger and better 2014!

And thats a wrap!

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  1. I LOVE the sounds of the kits. I love craft but not gotten the scrapbooking bug yet really with the amount of "kit" required. But I love the idea of making cards. I would be interested in getting the kits you can get where nearly everything is done. Especially cards!!!


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