Sunday, 8 December 2013

On the Eighth day of a DIY Xmas Made With Love showed to me...

.... How to pin the nose on Rudolph the red nose reindeer!

Something has happened and Rudolph has lost his nose! He needs your help so that he can help guide Santa's sleigh!

How you can help is by playing 'pin the nose on Rudolph'! You can purchase the game for $2 from here!

I have created the perfect game for your children, and of course adults can play too!

Introducing pin the nose on Rudolph!

This massive A2 sized posted is printed in black and white which not only means that Rudolph needs to be coloured in (giving your children a task to complete) but when he is all coloured in and his nose cut out the game can start!

Simply put the poster up on your wall and with the same concept as 'pin the tail on the donkey' you need to pin the nose on Rudolph (using bluetack or sticky tape).

Have each child blindfolded and asked to spin around then place the nose where they think it should go.

The kids will have so much fun watching each other play and realising how close or how far away they were from the target!

The closest to where his nose should go wins the game!

I have created this to be printed off at your local officeworks for $1.49 ( and it is to be printed off as a black and white A2 plan. You can even upload to their website and have them delivered to you.

Once Xmas is over you can roll up the poster and put away for next xmas!

Guarantee to have a blast with this game!

You are purchasing two files one is the large A2 poster and the second is Rudolphs's nose.

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