Tuesday, 3 December 2013

On the second day of a DIY Xmas Made With Love showed to me...

...How to make decorations for the Xmas tree!

Here I will show you how to make these fun. cheap and easy Xmas decorations in under 10 minutes! Trust me it is so easy!
Follow this tutorial to learn how you can make these fun and cute decorations!
You will need:
*Paper can use any pretty paper, doesn't have to be double sided. For this tutorial I used Stampin Up! Season of style Designer series paper stack. (The paper used in the first picture is Kaisercraft xmas paper pads) Both paper pads can be ordered through Made With Love.
*Circle Paper Punch- For this tutorial I used 1 3/4" punch from Stampin Up! You can use any circle punch to create this tutorial yourself. (This punch I used can be ordered from Made With Love).
*Scissors (to cut the twine)
*Twine- I absoloutley LOVE Whimsy Farm Twine which I have used in both this tutorial and the first picture. You can purchase 100m for $5 (plus postage)! The quality is really amazing!
*Glue- I used glue tape for this tutorial but you can use any glue you like.
*Bone folder- These are used to create finer creases

Step 1:
Select which paper you want to use and begin punching out your 9 circles. I find it best to hold the punch upside down so you can see your placement of paper and how it would look when its punched. I also try and punch as close to the edge as possible that way I can re use the scraps in the centre (I have boxes and boxes of scraps I WILL use one day). 

You should have 9 circles punched out
Step 2:
Begin folding your circles in half. Which ever pattern you want to see on your decoration you fold so this is on the inside of the circle. If you only have one sided decorative paper, you would have the pattern on the inside with the white on the outside. You wont see the outside colour or pattern as it will be covered.
You should now have 9 folded circles.
Step 3: 
With your bone folder run this along the folded crease until your crease is defined and your folded circle should be completely flat.

Step 4:
Grabbing one of the circles now folded and properly creased apply the glue to one side only, usually the top of the folded circle, as shown in the picture above.

Step 5:
 Now get two folded circles and join the surfaces that have been covered in glue together. To best line them up place on your workspace like I have in the picture and once they are aligned press both folded circles together.

Repeat this step and process until all the folded circles are paired. You will have one set of 3 and 3 sets of 2 folded circles together.

Step 5:
Start to glue two sets together like shown. Repeat until all sets of folded circles are now joined as one (see picture below).
Step 6:
Turn over the group of circles so far and apply glue to both sides of the folded circle as shown above.

Step 7:

Cut a piece of twine. This will be used to hang your decoration. I recommend cutting a piece no longer then 15cms.
Fold your piece of twine in half and then tie a knot on the ends like shown in the picture below.

Step 8:
Finding the centre of the group of joined circles fold this so that the centre spine is revealed like in the picture above.

Then place the knotted twine in the centre of the spine fold and begin to unfold the sides so that the two pieces with the glue on them can be joined. Like in this picture below.
Making sure that the two glued sides line up press firmly together. 

You should now have a pretty bauble decoration that is ready to be hung proudly for display on your Xmas tree!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and feel free to share your creations you make!

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