Wednesday, 4 December 2013

On the Fourth day of a DIY Xmas Made With Love showed to me...

... How to make a Xmas banner

I am going to show you just how easy it is to make yourself a pretty Xmas banner this year. This tutorial comes complete with all the templates used in this tutorial which can be downloaded as PDF'S. 

This tutorial shows you how to create a banner spelling our 'JOY' but you can apply all these steps to create any combination of words such as Christmas, Merry, Peace, Xmas, Noel and you can even do your family's surname.

What you will need:
*Xmas paper- I used 3 different sheets of Kaisercraft paper for this tutorial. You can even use xmas wrapping paper if you wish!
*Cardstock for the letters- I used Stampin' Up! Real Red and Wild Wisabi cardstock.
*PDF Templates which the banner can be downloaded from here and the alphabet template from here!
*Glue or 3Dimensional foam dots- I used Stampin' Up! Sticky dots only need 3 per letter
*Hole punch- I used fiskars hand hole punch 3/8" circle. Can buy from any craft store or officeworks.
*Pen, pencil or marker
*Ribbon approx 1-2m used for this banner will need more if you use longer words

Step 1:
Download the Banner Template PDF and print this out (black and white option onto normal printer paper is perfect). Then cut along the black outline.

Your  cut out shape should look like this.

Step 2:
Select the piece of paper you wish to use and turn it over. Place the banner template you just cut out on the reverse side. HOT TIP: Line the banner up with the edge of the paper which means one less side to trace/cut!
Now using your pen/pencil/marker and ruler trace around the outline of the template. I suggest having something heavy in the centre of the template you are tracing to avoid it moving.

It should now look something like this!

Step 3:
Now grab those scissors and get cutting! Cut along the outline you just drew!

Your shape should now look like this!

Step 4:
Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all your banner pieces are cut out. You should have 1 piece per letter of the word you are spelling out.

Step 5:
Now download the Alphabet template from here and print out. Black and white option on normal paper is more then suffice. Only print the pages that have the letters you need. To spell out 'JOY' I needed to print 5,7 and 12 only.

Step 6:
Now Cut out the letters you need. If your letter has a centre piece like A, B, D,O,P,Q, and R don't cut the centre out as I will show you a hot tip below!

Step 7:
Grab the piece of cardstock you are using and the letters that you want cut out in that colour and place back to front on the reverse side of the cardstock, like how I have in the picture above.

Now trace around each of the letters. Don't throw any scrap cardstock away as you will need it for later tutorials!
Your letters should now look like this. The 'O' kind of looks like Rudolph's nose, doesn't it? Don't stress about how it doesn't look like an 'O' because I am about to show you what to do.

Step 8:
Now that we have already cut the 'O' we can now create the centre piece. Using the letter template letter (the printed O) cut out the centre white oval. Place this upside down on the reverse of the paper. Make sure that it is the same paper that the Letter O is going to be displayed on as it is important that the papers are the same. Will give the illusion that you have cut the centre piece out, but we both know it is only a glued piece!

Now trace the oval or centre piece as shown and then cut it out when you have finished and glue onto the letter as shown below.

Step 9:
Turn the letters over and apply glue or 3Dimensional dots to the reverse side of the letters Complete until all of the letters have adhesive on them.

Turn the letters back over and adhere to their respective banner pieces.

Step 10:
Using your hole punch, punch a hole in each top corner of the banner piece as shown in the picture below.

Step 11:
Choose your ribbon you wish to use and cut the length required ensuring there is plenty on the ends to tie and hang. For this tutorial I used 1-2m of red grosgrain ribbon.

Step 12:
Starting with the middle piece thread the ribbon through each hole making sure that the banner is exactly in the middle of the ribbon.

Now thread the ribbon through the banner pieces on either side. Make sure the ribbon is straight/flat and isn't twisted.

Should look like this.

Now you have finished your banner and it is ready to be hung! Hope you have fun adding the easy and fun banner to your Xmas decor this year! Would love to see your creations you made 
using this tutorial!

Please credit Made With Love Cards and Crafts.

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