Tuesday, 3 December 2013

On the first day of a DIY Xmas Made With Love showed to me...

.. How to make super fun treats!
If you want to find out how you can make these super Xmas lollipops continue reading!
Are you wanting to give gifts out to your child's classmates, looking for fun stocking fillers or some great and unique name tags for Xmas day lunch?

Then look no further as I am about to show you how to create some 'super' fun gifts for under $0.50 each!

Introducing to you the Made With Love Cards And Crafts PDF printable of super hero lollipops!

I created 25 of these for under $10- and I went all out and bought the real chubba chubb branded lollipops too!

These are great to make and handout but also to have the children involved. Trust me when I say they will be proud to hand to their friends and say that they made these!

Not only are these inexpensive and easy to create but these super lollipops will really help to make your Xmas extra super!


You will need:
*Packet of lollipops- I used a 25 pack of chubba chubb branded ones
*PDF printables which can be downloaded from here
*Sticky Tape
*Hole punch- I used a fiskars 3/4" hole punch you can get from officeworks, spotlight, lincraft etc

Step 1: Print the PDF Printables (I recommend printing onto white cardstock). You can print these from home or you can print them at your local officeworks for $0.88 plus $0.20 for the cardstock. You can download the Super Santa Lollipop printables from here and you can download the Super Xmas Lollipop Printables from here.

Step 2: Cut out the capes along the outlines. Also cut out the eye masks if you wish to have these on your lollipops.

Step 3: Using the hole punch, punch a hole in the top middle of each cape. This is where we will slide the lollipops through!

Step 4: Slide the lollipop through the hole you just punched and wrap the lollipop stick with a little sticky tape to create a stopper, so that the cape stays in place and doesn't fall off!

Step 5: Now stick on the masks (if you wish to add these) and repeat the above steps to create a whole team of super Xmas lollipops.

Step 6: Hand out and enjoy spreading the Xmas cheer!

*If you want to add names or messages to the recipients you can write these on the underside of the cape which is white.

Hope you enjoy this easy, fun AND inexpensive classmate gift!

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