Thursday, 5 December 2013

On the Third day of a DIY Xmas Made With Love showed to me..

... How to make an angel

In this tutorial I will show you how to make this angel that measures 15cm from the tips of the wings and is 15 cms high. This angel will be used in tutorials to come during the 12 days of a DIY Xmas.

You will need:

*white cardstock
*cream cardstock

Step 1:
Download the PDF template from here and print it out. Grab your scissors and start cutting along the outline of the large scalloped circle.

Your shape should look like this.

Step 2: 
Turn the white cardstock over and begin tracing around the scalloped circle.
You should now have a drawing like this.
Step 3:
Cut out the white cardstock scalloped circle.

Step 4: 
Grab the original template piece and start to cut along the 3 lines shown.

You should have 3 pieces that look like this.

Step 5:
On the reverse of the large white scalloped circle trace the 3 pieces cut from step 4 onto the scalloped circle. You should now have 3 lines as shown in the picture above. Now cut along those 3 lines and you should now have 3 pieces.

Step 6:
Now start gluing the pieces of cardstock together. You have 2 wings and a dress. The wings need to be overlapped. Glue the first piece on the back like shown.

Then glue the second piece overtop in the position shown below.

Your angel body should now look something like this.

Step 7:
Cut the circle from the template as shown.

Then grabbing the cream piece of cardstock turn it over and trace the circle.
Cut out the cream circle along the outline.

Step 8:
Now glue the circle to the centre of the wings where it joins the tip of the dress.

I hope this tutorial was easy to follow and remember to keep an eye out for the exciting project we are going to use this angel with!

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