Thursday, 5 December 2013

On the Fifth Day Of Xmas Made With Love Showed to me...

.... How to occupy my kids this Chrissy!

Does it drive you bonkers every Christmas or School holidays when your children harp at you because they are bored and claim they have nothing to do?

Well have I got the solution just for you!

Introducing this whopper of a activity sheet that is bound to keep your kids occupied for hours to come!

Measuring a MASSIVE 420mm x 594mm this A2 sized activity sheet will amuse them for many hours!

There is the Xmas word search, colouring in, guessing the flags of the world Xmas baubles, guessing how many circles are shown and of course a joke that I am sure the parents would enjoy having a giggle. After all who doesn't like a silent night?

This file can be purchased from my etsy store for just $2 and is an immediate downloadable file. Simply take the file into your nearest officeworks and request to print an A2 black and white plan for $1.49 a sheet

If you like I can arrange printing and posting the activity sheet to you for an additional $12 Australia Wide which covers postage, purchasing mailing tubes and printing.

I will also have the cheat sheets and answers available to you.
I have edited the image to show you the different answers of the flags of the world baubles, how many circles there are (will check one more time when my eyes aren't going cross eyed on me) and have colour coordinated the find a word which hopefully makes helping your kids find the answers easier! The colour of the elf is just my interpretation as well.

I hope you enjoy the moments of quietness this will bring x

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